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Creating real experiences

with virtual events

Frwrdshift transforms events into larger than life virtual experiences. No matter your vision for your virtual events, be it ROI, brand awareness, or employee recognition, we execute events strategically designed to resonate with your audience.

What we do

From virtual roundtables to large-scale corporate events, we provide brands with end-to-end virtual event solutions.  Our areas of expertise include:



Engagement  Strategy

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Social Media Strategy



Audience Experience

Video Production


Project Management

Sponsor Management

Speaker Management


Sponsorship Consulting

Event Data Report

What we do

Our Story

Frwrdshift came about in the midst of pivoting a fairly large scale live event into a full scale digital production.  While platforms and event planning agencies offered a lot of fluff, none of them adequately addressed our main objective - to meaningfully engage with our audience.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create real experiences through virtual events. This means thoughtfully crafting our solutions to meet and exceed what is quickly becoming the cookie cutter virtual event template. We’ve set our eyes on making virtual events grand- confetti and all!

A Collaborative Approach

Think of Frwrdshift as a valuable extension to your team. Not only do we lend you our virtual event management experience, we design our solutions to push your broader business strategy forward so you can engage your audience in a real, human way. 


Event and Project


In this stage of the journey, we’ve uncovered your targets and defined our strategy. Throughout the e&p planning stage, we'll identify the right technology, design an immersive customer journey, and liaise with key players on your team and ours. Keeping your desired event impact in mind, we’ll integrate a comprehensive marketing strategy consistent with your brand message, create sponsorship packages and highlight important milestones while continuously progressing towards  hitting your event success metrics.



The ways in which your audience experiences your event often begins long before they log in. With this in mind, our approach to online virtual events starts with reverse engineering your desired objectives, ensuring that each step along the way leads to achieving those results. Creating events that mesh with your broader business strategy, while simultaneously engaging your audience, is the core of our event strategy.


Ongoing Insights

We don’t stop where everyone else does.  After your virtual event ends is when the forward shift begins. We’ll review outcomes, analyze statistics, and draw insights and best practices for future events.  This process leaves your team well-equipped with a diverse repository of repurposed content, extending your event’s success well into the future. 



  Our completely customizable virtual events solutions fall under three broad categories: 

Create a solution that’s right for you

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. From discovery call through to implementation, our event strategies are tailored to your unique brand story and event vision. 


If you're thinking about moving your in-person events online or are looking to add virtual events to your business strategy, our virtual event consulting is right for you. Check out our consulting services here. 


Going Virtual

The New Normal ?

Live events are increasingly trending towards a digital future. You don't have to take our word for it, here are a few recent stats from the virtual event industry

Future Trends

The majority (93%) of event professionals plan to invest in virtual events in the future

Pivot Time

The majority (63%) of organizations are moving to digital conferences or events


Audience engagement is the largest challenge when it comes to virtual events


The average promotional period for C-level virtual events is 6 weeks

Going Virtual

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