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Virtual events are here to stay. Are you ready?

OOur team of virtual event experts will help you recalibrate your in-person event strategy to host industry-leading webinars that will drive sales and engage customers.

These online events will allow you to reach a global audience, with a significantly smaller budget.

The right strategy can help you reach new heights in your business. Here is where Frwrdshift can come in

Strategic Virtual Event Consulting

After learning about your broader business goals and milestones, we recommend an online event strategy. We’ll help design an optimum virtual experience; which includes attendee and sponsor engagement plans, content and promotional plans, and more. 

Tech and Video Consulting

We will recommend the right technology and production scale for your online event along with expert advice on structuring livestream, pre-recorded and combination content. Our experts will advise you on producing visually appealing sessions from your at- home-workspace


Our team will help you with project planning to set you up for success.

We also provide ongoing support in between in between meetings, leading up to your event using slack/basecamp

Sounds exactly like what you need?

Our Virtual Event Consulting Service is Priced at 


The consulting sessions happen over a total of eight hour long sessions over a period of two months

Let's schedule a discovery call. Fill out the form to book a time with our team.

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