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Learn How to use Webinars and Virtual Events to Drive Sales

So, you’ve noticed that your competitors are hosting webinars, and that got you thinking, do they pay off?

Let us tell you that online events are an excellent strategy to bolster your marketing initiatives. Adding webinars to your marketing strategy will help you drive awareness, get warm leads and increase sales/revenue. Let us show you how to get webinars just right.

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In this webinar, you will learn:

  • To start with what you already have

  • To time your virtual events just right

  • To pick the right type of webinars

  • To pick the right goals and

  • To add value for your (potential) customers

BONUS: The webinar comes with an e-book worth $24.95. The e-book will have a clear overview of the webinars contents and will act as your playbook to host the perfect webinar.

What you say "no" to defines your business more than what you say yes to.

About Frwrdshift

Frwrdshift transforms events into larger-than-life virtual experiences. No matter your vision for your virtual events, be it ROI, brand awareness, or employee recognition, we execute events strategically designed to resonate with your audience.

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